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Dirty, filthy flies

house fly flies Zap Services Pest ControlWhen you have a fly problem the first question should be "where are they breeding?" Depending on situation  inspect grease traps, garage areas, compost bins and suchlike. After having treated these areas, application of a residual insecticide, the use of automatic natural pyrethrum dispensers and installing fly zappers with sticky boards.

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Any pest control relies on the skill of the technician. In the end we are required to exterminate and eradicate many fly infestations with excellent results. ZAP prides itself with the on-going training of our staff and for that reason our clients often comment on our professionalism. We charge $120-$150 for a fly treatment on an average sized residence. Commercial work quoted free.




ZAP story began in 1995 and since then ZAP has experienced rapid growth and prosperity. Our staff numbers grow by the year and currently we employ 24 full-time, 8 part-time and 10 casual uniformed, educated, clean and reliable technicians and cleaners.

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