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Nuisance birds

Pigeons, sparrows, starlings and sea gulls

pigeon control in Wellington and the Hutt 1

Everybody likes pigeons... well all birds really.. but they do cause some major problems for many birds carry diseases easily picked up by humans. As well as Public Health issues the unsightly an corrosive nature of bird droppings do no justice to our buildings.

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The answers are not easy but a good start would be "don't feed the pigeons for it only makes matters worse"

Our control measures include exclusion netting and slanted ledges. We also eradicate and exterminate using baits and shooting depending on the situation.



ZAP story began in 1995 and since then ZAP has experienced rapid growth and prosperity. Our staff numbers grow by the year and currently we employ 24 full-time, 8 part-time and 10 casual uniformed, educated, clean and reliable technicians and cleaners.

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