Zap Group

Our biggest asset is the ZAP Staff

Rodney Tregerthan  

  • Founding Director ZAP
  • Consultant to ZAP Group
  • Member Sustainable Business Network
  • Business mentor to several Fijian enterprises
  • Past Councilor Pest Management Assoc.NZ
  • Member of Royal Wellington Golf Club

 Rodney Tregerthan ZAP Services-516


Neill Herdman  

  • Director ZAP
  • Registered Pest Control Technician.
  • Approved Handler.
  • Past Pest Control Technician of the Year.
  • Coach NZ Indoor Cricket



Alan Dawson (B.Com)
  • Director ZAP and Financial Controller.
  • Corporate Accountant.
  • ​Financial Compliance Manager.
  • ​College Trustee.




Samantha George
  • Sales & Marketing Manager
  • General Manager