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Customer Satisfactory

"Customer Satisfaction" a ZAP Philosophy

It is of utmost importance, to deliver a quality service.
Your feedback is valuable and highly appreciated.

Don't take our word for it,
Here's what our customers have to say about our services.

"In all my years, I have not experience such great service.
 The crew went above and beyond my expectations"
  - Mr Govin

"I must say, your guys did an amazing job at my home" 
  - Fiona 16/10/2017

"I had some work done by your company towards the end of last year (had a voucher to use) and was really   impressed with what was done"
 - Kyla

"Many thanks for the efforts of your gardening team yesterday.  We are really pleased with the result"
 - Chris & Fiona

"We were so impressed with the work done by your guys last time they came out,
 I was wondering if I could get a quote for further work done"
  - La Toya B

How likely are you to recommend ZAP Services to a friend or colleague?
"Good value for money, I would definately recommend Zap to my friends"
  - Antonia

How likely are you to uses our services again?
"very likely, Excellent value for money"
  - Shelly,H

How would you describe the service received?
"Reliable & Quality, had grabone deal and will definately use your services again"
  - Melony

How well does our service meet your needs?
"Very well and useful"
  - Paul.C

What suggestions do you have for improving our Services?
You're doing things exactly right, as far as I'm concerned,
 I appreciate the way my lawns are mowed and the edges tidied up.
  - Frieda


"ZAP, dedicated to customer service"


ZAP story began in 1995 and since then ZAP has experienced rapid growth and prosperity. Our staff numbers grow by the year and currently we employ 24 full-time, 8 part-time and 10 casual uniformed, educated, clean and reliable technicians and cleaners.

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